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Smrť weimarskej demokracie

"Weimar's history does show us that a society lacking consensus, a society in which no set of ideas and no group constitute hegemony, can be a dangerous place.

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Martin Chudík

The Left, the Right, and the French

Not only was the division between Left and Right less emphatic than it at first appeared, but the internal conflicts on each side could prove intense.

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Martin Chudík

Dining with Atatürk

[of Atatürk] Always the teacher, he examined quantities of pupils in the schools. He would stride into a classroom, often petrifying the teacher into silence by his presence, and wander around the class,…

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Martin Chudík

On Cows Happy and Morose

But for individuals like Arnold Leese intellectual consistency mattered much less than his hatred of the Jews. At one NL meeting the self-confessed animal lover and Jew-hater suddenly adopted a fullblooded…

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Martin Chudík

Conceptual compression


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Martin Chudík

Of Eating Cats and Dogs During the Siege of Paris:

As more and more of the two traditional domestic enemies became reconciled in the cooking-pot, Gautier claimed that they seemed to grow instinctively aware of their peril: "Soon the animals observed that man…

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Martin Chudík

One prayer too many

Catalonia, like the rest of the Iberian Peninsula, had also suffered a series of natural disasters. During the winter of 1627-8, in the words of a diarist, 'the earth and sky seemed made of brass', and the clergy of…

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Martin Chudík

Hic sunt leones

Innumerable imperial anectodes deliberately mix up the comic and the very dangerous, a piquancy always relished by the British. There is a story from upper Egypt, in which a man on a lonely Nile station was said to…

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Martin Chudík

Berger on Definitions

Definitions cannot, by their very nature, be either "true" or "false," only more useful or less so. For this reason it makes relatively little sense to argue over definitions. If, however, there are discrepancies…

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Martin Chudík

The Sheltering Sky

"You know, the sky here's strange. I often have the sensation when I look at it that it's a solid thing up there, protecting us from what's behind." Kit shuddered slightly as she said: "From what’s behind?""Yes" …

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Martin Chudík

Čaro nechceného

Fidel Castro's 1995 reception in France by President Mitterand was probably the high watermark of the favorable reputation he has enjoyed abroad. Mrs. Mitterand, an unabashed admirer of his (who has visited Cuba…

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Martin Chudík

Frivolní Francúzi a metafyzickí Nemci

A Frenchman, an Englishman, and a German each undertook a study of the camel. The Frenchman went to the Jardin des Plantes, spent half an hour there, questioned the guard, threw bread to the camel, poked it with the…

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Martin Chudík

Čo je toto za zmysel pre humor...

The things some people find amusing...

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Martin Chudík

Tomu sa hovorí nacionalista

During the interwar years, Marin's Germanophobia was legendary. Emmanuel Berl once observed that, for Louis Marin, "French diplomacy is bad by virtue of existing at all. To discuss is already a concession, a first…

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Martin Chudík

Macaulay a fascinácia históriou

I take delight in history, even its most prosaic details, because they become poetical as they recede into the past. The poetry of history lies in the quasi-miraculous fact that once, on this earth, once, on this…

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Martin Chudík

Balada o toskánskom mlieku (iba pre fajnšmekrov)

Raz za pár rokov sa zjaví génius titánskych rozmerov. A potom vznikne Dielo. A stane sa Legendou. Quoth the kitten, 'Get some more.'

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Martin Chudík

Ešte raz k definíciám

Minule som toť písal o problematike generických definícií. Čo čert nechcel, o pár dní nato som začal čítať Aronove Opium of the Intellectuals. A čo tam nenájdem: Definitions are not true or false, but more or less…

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Martin Chudík


People do talk about the past - sometimes too much, often badly, but always with the inherent risk of tiring their audience. Despite persistent ignorance, therefore, the subject may often seem old hat.Henry Rousso:…

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Martin Chudík

Carlos Ruiz Zafón: The Shadow of the Wind

Bea says that the art of reading is slowly dying, that it's an intimate ritual, that a book is a mirror that offers us only what we already carry inside us, that when we read, we do it with all our heart and mind,…

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Martin Chudík

Burckhardt o histórii

According to Burckhardt, there were no 'golden ages in the past or in the future.' To recognize this was to free oneself 'from foolish overvaluation of some period or other in the past, from equally foolish…

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